Our Staff 

Grace Gymnastics has always valued quality over quantity and our selection in staff is no exception. Our staff members are committed to utilizing our vast knowledge base and experience to build, maintain, and uphold the standard of excellence upon which Grace Gymnastics is founded. Wehave a daily goal of making our gym a rich environment for the development of quality athletes into quality people.

Emily Stomberg


Team Coach


Emily possesses extensive knowledge and education in the areas of youth coaching, sports management, biological/physiological science and kinesiology as it pertains to athletics, as well as extensive industry-specific experience in the sport of gymnastics. Most importantly, a committed passion for physical fitness and youth sports involvement.


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Madison Thurlow - Team Coach

Frances Weigand - Team Coach

Allyson Clayton - Class Instructor

Fernan Garcia - Class Instructor

Samon Shahrestani - Class Instructor

Karsten West - Class Instructor

October Zitzmann - Class Instructor

Baylee Baker - Front Desk Coordinator

Haylee Parker - Front Desk Coordinator

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Tatiana Lewis

Team Program Director

Compulsory & Optional


Tatiana is a high-level gymnastics coach and level 10 rated judge. She brings many years of expertise in devising, structuring, and implementing methods of successfully growing and maintaining competitive team programs to Grace Gymnastics. Under her expert eye and continual pursuit of excellence from her athletes, Tatiana provides much experience and depth to our competitive team program. Her attention to detail and care and concern for each individual athlete makes Tatiana an irreplaceable piece of our program success. 

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Lottie Weaver

Recreational Program Director

Team Coach